Peace and relaxation at The Back Room in Twyford

Reiki emerged from Japan as a form of ‘hands-on’ healing which uses life force energy, you may have heard this referred to as ‘ki’ or ‘chi’. It is a gentle and relaxing therapy which many people report has helped them to ease mental, emotional and physical discomfort. It works by bringing the body’s energy back into balance. The practitioner channels the energy to the recipient through gentle touch and placing their hands in a variety of positions in the energy energy field.

The person receiving Reiki is fully clothed and normally laying down, and enters a deep relaxed state. Clients report feelings of tingling, warmth and deep peace during the treatment.

Got a question?

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Who is our Reiki practitioner

Kate has been a Reiki Practitioner and Master for over 20 years, it is what sparked her passion for healing others (and led to her qualifying as a McTimoney Chiropractor as many of you will know from her treating you at The Back Room!). She is a fully insured member of The Reiki Connection, upholding high standards of ethics and treatment.

What happens


Do I need to get undressed?

No need to worry, you remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.


Is my practitioner qualified?

Yes, all or practitioners are qualified in the disciplines that they offer


Will I feel anything?

Relaxed, and perhaps feelings of tingling and warmth

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