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About Us

We are a small friendly McTimoney Chiropractic clinic in Twyford, Reading.

A family run business with family values that started trading in 2009 from a converted room in our house, we have since moved a couple of times and are now in our beautiful clinic on London Road in Twyford to give our patients all the facilities they need.

Initially the clinic was run by Louise Preece on her own, taking care of everything from the treatments to answering the phone, she has since been joined by her sons, Thomas, who is our level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist, Ben, who runs reception and her husband David to help share the load and take some of the more monotonous tasks off her hands so she can concentrate on the work she loves.

Louise became a McTimoney Chiropractor due to a car accident she was involved in and discovered the power of McTimoney whilst recovering from the accident, she has loved helping others ever since.

To this day all our chiropractors complete extra training courses to ensure they are at the top of their game and to increase the services we can offer as part of our treatments. More information

Patient satisfation

Our patients like our service so much they keep coming back and nearly all of our new patients are referrals from existing, this is due to our focus being entirely on our patients health and wellbeing and not the balance sheet, which will definitely come across when you meet one of our chiropractors for the first time. You can rest assured that treatment will not be given if it is either not suitable or required (we will explain if this is the case)

Professional memberships

As is required all our chiropractors are members of both the GCC (General Chiropractic Council) and the MCA (McTimoney Chiropractic Association) which allows us to treat as McTimoney Chiropractors.

Louise Preece
Louise Preece

Louise is our principle McTimoney Chiropractor and the heart of our clinic, loves her job and her horses

Kate Mellish
Kate Mellish

Kate is a McTimoney chiropractor and Reiki master. She loves nature especially with her dogs

Thomas Preece
Thomas Preece

Thomas is a fully qualified Level 5 soft tissue therapist and a very active sportsman

Ben Preece
Ben Preece

Ben is our receptionist, currently studying towards a degree in Micro Biology and loves all things to do with computers

David Preece
David Preece

David manages the business and the online stuff to ensure Louise can stay focused on what she enjoys

Flexy Freda
Flexy Freda

One of most useful employees, always prepared to demonstrate and never moans, thinking about it she doesn’t say a lot

Opening Hours

8:00am to 5:30pm
8:00am to 7:00pm
8:00am to 7:00pm
8:00am to 7:00pm
8:00am to 4:00pm
10:00am to 2:00pm

Looking for our opening hours over the festive period? Click here.

If you cant find a suitable appointment please keep an eye on the online booking as we do occasionally get cancellations, or give us a call and we can put you on a waiting list incase an appointment becomes available.

You can book online or by calling us on 0118 3750803, you can even book through Facebook

We look forward to seeing you.

What do our patients think?

I can only say that Louise really made all the difference to my back, having injured it during a fall and not really getting anywhere with GP’s or physio, within a few weeks my back felt so much better and I continued to get treatments that made all the difference. I hope to be back very soon to experience this wonderful treatment!


I would recommend The Back Room Chiropractic to anyone. … Louise Preece is a welcoming, friendly practitioner who puts you at ease immediately, but more importantly, she sorted out my aches and pains in just 2 sessions with absolutely no discomfort. What more could you ask for?

Mrs N

I discovered a new level of effectiveness. Particular thanks goes to Louise Preece who has enabled me to keep up the gym on a reasonably regular basis which in turn helps my back deal with long drives, presentations and trade shows- all of which can be hard going on the back.

Mr R

… after just a couple of visits found that it was worth every penny. Not only did I find out what was wrong, but the treatment I received has helped tremendously and Louise also recommended some great exercises I could do at home to improve my back further. Would definitely recommend this practice to others!

Mrs G

Louise put me at ease with an explanation of the Epley manoeuvre.  I felt I could trust in her skills and she gave me the confidence to let her perform the manoeuvre on me.  I am happy to report that the ghastly vertigo symptoms that I had struggled with for several months have been significantly reduced.  Heartfelt thanks for all your care and support, Louise, all of which are very much appreciated.


I had seen many medical professionals over the years, ranging from Dr’s to Chiropractor’s and everything in-between ! I had given up hope of ever getting to the root of my ongoing injuries…until I found Louise! I will never forget my first treatment, my whole body felt at peace for the first time in years; I was almost in tears.


after months of suffering and going to the Dr’s with no diagnosis of the pain I came across this website and contacted Louise. After the free spinal check I was delighted when Louise said that I could be treated and the suffering and pain was due to mis-aligned vertebrae, within a week of having treatment, I felt a lot better…

Mrs A

I have suffered for 17 years with a bad back since the birth of my first child. I had pain down one leg and even simple tasks like turning over in bed caused pain … The treatment was gentle manipulation and that night I was amazed to turn over in bed without crying out in pain. I am now a complete convert and recommend Louise to all my friends.


I have been going to Louise for years now and would not hesitate to reccommend her to anyone (and have) she is intuitive and solves all my back and neck problems.
I used to suffer from regular, painful sciatica, but due to regular appointments, I am able to avoid all but the occasional twinge.


I suffer from sciatica which I am managing to keep at bay with 3 monthly treatments.
my daughter has fallen arches resulting in knee and hip pain from misalignment and regular treatments have left her able to climb to base camp Everest! I would heartily endorse McTimoney Chiropractic in general and The Back Room clinic in particular.

Mrs M