First Visit


First Visit

Your first visit to our Reading Chiropractor

Scared about your first visit? Don’t be, we start with a medical history to ensure things are right for you

This session will normally last 45 minutes. During this time your chiropractor will review with you your medical history to assess your general health, previous conditions and discuss your present condition in a bit more depth. Once this is completed an examination is conducted – this allows your chiropractor to assess the mobility of your spine and to use any relevant orthopedic tests which may be relevant to your condition. These help us establish what the cause of the problem may be.

Once this is all completed your chiropractor will discuss their findings and a treatment plan can be put into action, all being well a treatment will then take place.

The anticipated number of sessions (our current average is three) will be discussed with you prior to treatment. Once you’re up and running, you can choose to schedule regular check-ups a few times a year to promote health.


Got a question?

If you have more questions please visit our frequently asked questions section or give us a call on 0118 3750803

Further information

For further information about McTimoney and chiropractic in general please visit our McTimoney page

Answers to some common questions


Is it safe?

Chiropractic treatment is very safe. Prior to any treatment we will take a full medical history from you to ensure that there are no reasons why you should not receive treatment.


Do I have to undress?

For your first visit you will be required to undress down to your underwear due to the neurological tests. However if you are uncomfortable with this then you may wear shorts and a strappy top/vest.


Is my Chiropractor qualified?

Yes all chiropractors are governed by the General Chiropractic Council and each must have a registration number to be able to practice.

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10:00am to 2:00pm

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If you cant find a suitable appointment please keep an eye on the online booking as we do occasionally get cancellations, or give us a call and we can put you on a waiting list incase an appointment becomes available.

You can book online or by calling us on 0118 3750803, you can even book through Facebook

We look forward to seeing you.