Its holiday time

At last the time of year has come when we are all thinking about our summer holidays, so I thought a few tips on how to help you survive the travelling may be of some help.

Suitcases – pick the lightest case possible and instead of having one large suitcase with everything in it maybe take two lighter more manageable suitcases. Also try and get a suitcase with wheels, and push don’t pull to avoid unnecessary twisting of your upper back.

Try and keep moving when on your flight, if you are in a tight space you can still do the alphabet with your feet, buttock crunches and shoulder shrugs, if on a long distance flight try and get up and walk around as much as you can.

When you arrive be careful how you lift your suitcases off the carousel, maybe put a scarf or distinguishing mark so you can identify your own suitcase. Once off the flight walk to your next destination instead of using the moving walkways.

Don’t forget to take your trusty tennis ball away just in case you feel any aches and pains whilst you are away. Lying on the tennis ball underneath your bottom can help relieve low back pain.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday and if you feel you need a check-up before you go then please don’t hesitate to contact me.