Horses, chiropractic, I wonder…

First article on the new website, thought I would go for a personal interest story. I am sure any client of mine is aware that not only am I extremely passionate about chiropractic and love what I do, I share the same passion and love for my two beautiful horses, Izzie and Mambo.

Last Sunday, whilst getting ready to ride I noticed Izzie pulling faces at me when I got out her saddle (note to self, I really must listen to what my horse is trying to tell me). Anyway tacked up (Put all her gear on for the none horsey people) and off we went into the riding school. She started off fine warmed up lovely and started to relax. Walk, trot, canter on left rein was good we then changed direction, walk and trot was ok and then the nightmare happened! I asked for canter and she exploded, cowboy style, yee-haw, how i stayed on I don’t know – must be the Pilates training I’m doing.

Anyway most people would have told off their horse but this got me thinking, its so out of character for Izzie to do this, I’m sure she is trying to tell me something is wrong! I know only to well from personal experience and from clients how cranky you can feel if you are in pain or something is misaligned, so I immediately rang her chiropractor and yes horses have chiropractic treatment to……

The wonderful Catherine McArt (Izzie’s chiropractor) came to visit and confirmed my suspicions, she had no movement in her pelvis at all, which, once Catherine pointed it out was obvious to me. The treatment began, and if you have never seen a horse having a treatment it is definitely worth doing so (I will video it in the future) she started with the pelvic area, as I would with humans and then worked on from there. As you can see from the photos, Izzie thoroughly enjoyed most of it, although like us certain areas were very sore but she tolerated it, we had to watch out for teeth on a few adjustments.

The most interesting thing to watch was after adjustments the release was amazing to see, she yawned a lot and once the treatment was over stood there in a daze – almost like us after a treatment I’m sure she had that away with the fairies feeling that we get. She was advised to rest for a couple of days after the treatment so has spent the whole weekend just eating grass, it will be interesting to see how she rides once the saddler has been out to check her saddle…….

I can see a training course coming on!!!!