Still hanging in there

Ok, so thought id better give you all an update on how the training is going – well I’m still hanging in there and the good news is I haven’t suffered with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) since that first episode, I think it’s down to making sure I warm down properly and the use of my wonderful Dr G Massager (which I may have used on some of you in the clinic) I have to say this machine is wonderful on tight aching muscles.

The training plan so far has been intense but I have achieved far more than I ever though I could in the last 5 weeks. I can now comfortably run 2 1/2 miles and can manage more press ups, sit ups and burpees than I ever thought possible!

One thing I have noticed when training is how quickly you lose form when you get tired – one of my training sessions involved 100 (yes 100!) sit ups along with 100 reps of many other exercises (Including the dreaded burpees). Anyway whilst performing said sit ups I began to realize I was using my neck and upper body to pull myself up instead of my tummy muscles (which were screaming and running for the hills) and boy did my neck begin to ache, so after 75 sit ups I had to admit defeat. I now realise that form is far more important than number and to stop when the form goes out the window so I can continue my training and not break myself (Like my husband has!!!).

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