So why opt for a post event massage?

I love to compete and last weekend was no different, a 750m lake swim, an undulating 20km road cycle and a 5.4km undulating run all combined to allow me to successfully complete the Blenheim Palace Sprint Triathlon. After which I satisfyingly laid on ‘another’ massage therapists table for some post event care.

So why opt for a post event massage?

After 1hr 45mins of being in full throttle mode and putting my body through a rigorous workout, my body was sore and in need of rest and recovery. Sports massage is ideal to help speed up the recovery process, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, as well as facilitate a faster return to training post event. This is achieved by increasing circulation and flushing the muscles to rid them of the metabolic waste that has accumulated during exercise and instead, reviving them with fresh nutrient and oxygen-rich blood.

Why not book in and see what sports massage can do for you

By Carly Dalton