Want to feel better

Is pain ruining your day? slouching at your desk, making it hard to focus on the job in hand, affecting your performance in the office or even stopping you going into the office?

Our work lives can have a huge impact on our well being, especially with our reliance on technology forcing us to sit for huge parts of the day, often without thought for our posture our working environment. After a while our body will let us know there is an issue, complaining of lower back pain and neck ache to mention but a few. Making us tired, grouchy and ruining our enjoyment of a career we may love.

These issues could be caused by problems in your body, causing you the pain and stiffness that will make your working environment very unpleasant. Our McTimoney chiropractors focus is on the conditions affecting the spine and the neuro-musculoskeletal system and how these can affect your health and performance without the need for surgery or medicines

Even better, on average we see our clients just 3 times so its not going to break the bank either.*

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*Calculated across all client visits in 2016, regardless of condition. Not a guarantee of number of treatments