Tough Mudder Challenge – I must be mad

Ok, so after vowing not to do the Tough Mudder (see my previous blog) I somehow on Friday evening (after a glass or two of cider) agree to enter! Much to the amazement of Dave and Ben – my thoughts were if I’m going to train I might as well finish it properly and I’m guessing a bit of bravado from the cider !

Anyway little did I know what I was letting myself in for …. Sunday, yes in the rain and snow we ran 2 miles (That’s me with my husband behind me :-)) now this is a big achievement for me as I’ve never managed to get past week 1 of 0-5k couch potato before – what was even more impressive was I ran nearly all the way with the help of my trusty running dog Gnasher ( I have to admit she was a great help in keeping me going ). I warmed down correctly or so I thought and although a little achey felt pretty good.

Fast forward to the next day and I had my first experience of DOMS which to be honest I’d never heard of before . I now know it stands for delayed onset muscle soreness- in the morning I felt walking downstairs was a bit sore but I noticed as long as I kept moving I was ok – worked all day and then off I went to bring the horses in stiffened up a bit in the car but managed to walk it off again .

Little did I know what was to come ….. sat down and ate tea and then tried to get up from the kitchen table and I had completely seized up in my legs they just didn’t want to work and if I tried to make them it was very very painful. I hobbled to the sofa where I remained for most of the night I even contemplated sleeping down there as the thought of stairs scared me ! Anyway good old google informed me I was suffering from DOMS and faithfully promised I’d be ok within 24-48hrs ! Oh joy I was supposed to be running another 2 miles the next day .

Admittedly I was feeling slightly less sore on waking and as the day went on I was feeling like I could run again so I’m off to give it a try ….. I will keep you updated on how the training is going and share some photos on our Facebook page.

Now not only will The Back Room being matching all donations up to a total of £250, now the entire staff will be taking part in the event. Please visit out justgiving page and give what you can (There is also a collection tin in the clinic with wrist bands if you fancy one)