Do you need long, expensive treatment plans?

Ever been put off going to see a therapist due to the huge initial outlay of being signed into a long treatment plan, which at time’s could cost you more that £1,000?

At The Back Room we look at things differently, we want you to feel better, and we want you to feel that improvement as quickly as we can achieve it. We feel you should be seeing improvements in within three treatments, now although this is not true in every case it does render signing you up to a treatment plan of say ten treatments a bit useless, we say this as how can we possibly know at the outset if its two or ten treatments that you may need? and treating you when you don’t it need would go against our ethics not to over treat.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying suggest that a therapist signing you into a long treatment plan is ethically wrong, they will certainly have justification for doing this, its just not right for us, we feel that if you are not seeing some improvement within three treatments it may be time to re-assess your condition and treatment (Even if that means you may need a different type of treatment elsewhere). There is always a place for maintenance to keep you in tip top shape, but for us we feel there is no reason to sign you up to a long, expensive treatment plan.

Why not check out our treatments and pricing and see how you feel.