Its cold outside…

Brrrr its chilly out there today, but the earths still spinning so whilst I would love to stay in my warm office Lunch is calling and I need to pop to the local shop. Walking to the shops I can feel myself hunching up my shoulders trying to keep warm – just a short walk to the local shop and back and I was freezing!  I am also tight and sore in my neck and shoulders (from all that hunching up), and that was just from a couple of minutes.

Its not just me either, I notice a lot of people coming into the clinic with upper body aches and pains during the colder months (Sounds like I live in Greenland not Reading) and I’m wondering if this might be because we are not prepared for this cold weather? and like me go out without wearing the correct clothes and then shiver when we realize !

So tonight when I get home I will definitely be digging out my scarf and warm jacket – by keeping these areas warm we have less of a tendency to feel the need to hunch our shoulders up.

The other thing i would strongly advise people to do is lots of shoulder shrugs, if you do feel tension building up these can help relieve it.

Keep warm everyone ….