I must practice what I preach…

So a major you’ve been framed moment happened the other morning whilst I was at the stables – after cleaning out the stables (mucking out as its delightfully known) I came round the corner and slipped on an extremely wet pallet, in true cartoon style my legs went right up in the air and I crashed down right on my bottom braking the pallet as I landed (Poor pallet, probably been there for years). Once I realised nothing was broken I tentatively got up and carried on going feeling very sore and a little bit embarrassed. However as the day progressed I started to notice the left side of my lower back was sore so I called my McTimoney chiropractor (yes I do have one too) and booked myself in for a treatment.

The day of the treatment came and as suspected I needed help, the treatment went well and I felt great afterwards. However, despite being given the same aftercare advice I give to everyone, you know how it goes “Take it easy”, “lots of water” etc… I didn’t listen, I carried on with my busy day at work, I certainly didn’t drink enough water or rest (horses needed doing after work to) and like most people I didn’t think to much of it.

Oh how I wish I’d listened to my own words. I woke up the next day as stiff as a board (well more like being hit by a bus!) and with a horrible headache – I just knew it was because I hadn’t listened to the aftercare advice I was given (And give) I made a huge mental note that after my next treatment to fully follow the aftercare advice and practice what I preach !!!!!