Calling All Cyclists

The Tour de France is in full swing and as a result, the cyclists amongst us, of all levels, have been inspired. Bikes have been dusted off, have hopefully received a thorough MOT and are back on the roads. The question is, are cyclists getting the same MOT themselves?

Cyclists, more than ever, are fast learning the positive benefits of having regular sports massage. Sports massage can help to prevent injury as well as enhance performance and enjoyment of cycling, at whatever level of participation. Cyclists that don’t make time for self care could find that they are under performing, regularly suffering from fatigue or experiencing constant muscle soreness and pain. It is important to learn that muscle tension can spread throughout the body if not treated. For instance, having a tight lower back may cause cyclists to experience pain and tension in the hips or vice versa. Sports massage is a critical part of the recovery process.

So, to sum up the plethora of benefits, sports massage can help to reduce muscle soreness and tension, speed up recovery, increase flexibility, increase circulation, improve joint range of movement, promote relaxation, enhance sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

So don’t delay, give yourself a well-deserved MOT and book in your sports massage at Back Room Chiropractic TODAY!

by Carly Dalton